Kelty Dualist 20 Sleeping Bag Review

The Kelty Dualist 20 has DriDown and ThermaPro insulations that layers two forms of insulation to create their “ThermaDri Hybrid construction.” Combining these two insulation layers helps keep the cost of the bag down, provides good warmth, helps with compressibility, and really helps to trim the weight of the sleeping bag.

Will it Keep Me Warm?
This is one of the most important qualities people look for when buying a new sleeping bag. Because of the dual layers of insulation, the Kelty Dualist 20 provides really good warmth. We tested a couple bags that were rated down to the same temperature as the Dualist 20, and we have to say, this bag kept us warmer than just about all of them. If you are looking for a warm bag this one scores high in this category.  

Get Compressed (or not so much)
This is where the Kelty Dualist 20 gets marked down just a little bit. We like to stay as lightweight and compact as possible when we are heading out on a trip. Unfortunately, this bag was a little on the bulky side for us. We’re not saying it is going to drag you down, but if you are the minimalist type you might find that it doesn’t compress to your liking. However, it is not too far off from similar bags.  

Getting Wet (or not)
An important feature of any sleeping bag is how well it resists water, and how well it performs if it really gets wet. We were “lucky” enough to get some rain on our recent testing trip and the Kelty Dualist 20 performed great. The DriDown insulation layer resists absorbing water and we made sure to really see how well it would resist. The bag was left outside of the tent for a little while to give it a good soaking and it still managed to keep us warm and dry through the night. When it comes to not getting wet, this bag gets high marks from us.

Is it Comfy? 
This is another area where the Kelty Dualist 20 scored high. I come in at 6′ 185 pounds, and my fellow tester is just over 6′ and about 200 pounds, and we both felt the bag had plenty of room for us. One feature we liked that really added to the comfort level was the bag’s hood. It worked well, and has enough room to hold a small pillow in place if you like. Overall the comfort level of this bag is really good.

Is it Durable?
We think it is. Between the two of us we have maybe 15 nights in the Kelty Dualist 20 and have seen no issues with it holding up. These also weren’t 15 normal nights. We left it outside to get rained on, we compressed it over and over, we zipped it over and over, and we overall just didn’t treat it like most people treat their gear. After all of this we still don’t see any real durability issues with it. I would have to say that this bag seems like it will hold up just fine. 

Is it a Deal?
Yes! This bag is a good deal. It provides good warmth, is comfortable, will keep you dry, and has some great features. The bag is currently starting out at only $139.95 on Amazon and can be purchased here – Dualist 20 Degree Sleeping Bag. At this price, with how well the bag tested for us the bag is a no brainer. 

Is it Worth the Buy?
Again, YES! The bag exceeded our expectations. Like I said before, it keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable. Yes, I said it is a little bulkier, but this wasn’t a killer. Kelty made a winner with this bag both in quality and price. If you are looking for a great bag that isn’t going to break the bank this is it.  This was the first Kelty bag we have ever tested, and because of this bag we are looking forward to testing others in the future.