Kamp Kuts Ceramic Camping Knife Review

The Kamp Kuts Ceramic Camping Knife is the knife you have been looking for to take on your next camping trip. Do you find yourself just grabbing any random knife from your kitchen drawer and bringing it along on your outdoors trips? After you use that random knife is it just a pain to clean while out in the woods? Is it heavy and not even sharp? Do you hate the idea of bringing a kitchen knife into the woods to prepare your meals? If you said yes to any of these questions then this review of the Kamp Kuts Ceramic Camping Knife is for you.

What is it?

Well, it is a knife. But, unlike other knives you might bring into the woods this one is actually designed to help you prepare your meals while in the middle of nowhere. The Kamp Kuts Knife is made of ceramic, which means it will stay sharp longer than your steel knives, it is razor sharp right out of the box, it is rust free, non-stick, and extremely easy to clean. It is a knife that makes cutting fruits, vegetables, and boneless meat easy while you are enjoying your camping trip. The first thing we ever cut with this knife was a tomato and it sliced through it with ease. It literally made the nicest, most even slices of tomato you could want.

Kamp Kuts KnifeHow did we use it?

We already told you about the tomato, but there was of course more. We wanted to try a variety of food, so we did a little shopping before we started testing. The list of items for our test included apples, bacon, sirloin steak, carrots, potatoes, and onions. Every slice we took through every different piece of food was flawless. The Kamp Kuts Knife truly does making preparing a meal easier with the ease of cutting, and also the ease of cleaning. Between each item it was as easy as a simple wipe with a wet rag and a quick dry to clean the blade off.

What did we like?

We like that the Kamp Kuts Ceramic Camping Knife is lightweight and small enough to not notice in our packs. We were actually really impressed that such a quality knife could have such a lightweight footprint. The fact that it comes with a sheath to protect it, has no weight to it, and is compact should end any excuses you might have for not bringing another knife on your trip.

We also love how sharp the blade is out of the box and we love that they offer free lifetime sharpening. All you have to pay is shipping and your blade will be forever sharp.

The non-stick blade and easy cleanup was also a huge plus of this knife. You cut through your food and don’t end up with a bunch of food residue left on the knife. When it comes to cleaning the knife we couldn’t be happier. Because the blade is non-stick the cleanup really was as easy as just wiping the blade off. Also, because the blade is ceramic it is rust free and non-corrosive, so if we don’t get to cleaning it right away we don’t have to worry about ruining the knife.

Should you buy it?

If you prepare meals on camping trips and want a quality knife to use, then yes we would say buy it. The Kamp Kuts Ceramic Camping Knife is a high quality knife for a really low price. This will be our go to knife for preparing food on any of our future outdoors trips. Stop using your pocket knife or old kitchen knife for your camping meals, do yourself a favor and upgrade to the Kamp Kuts Ceramic Camping Knife.

Even more info

If you want more information you can visit the Kamp Kuts site at KampKuts.com. You can also purchase the Kamp Kuts Ceramic Camping Knife from Amazon.